Technical Studio I: Materials and Manufacturing

This course focuses on three dimensional thinking, theoretical knowledge about materials and model making, and designing processes. Attendees will be able to generate numerous geometric unique forms iteratively while working with different materials and manufacturing methods. This hands-on course offers a tacit knowledge by exploring & experimenting with various raw materials and manufacturing techniques.

Thursdays 14:00 – 19:00 @Zoom
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Assessment Methods And Criteria / Percentage
Attendance and Assignments %25
Midterm Project %25
Final Project Idea Presentation %20
Final Project %30

Required minimum attendance is %85 (11 of 13) (You will officially fail on the 3rd absence)

Week 01 Introduction & Discussion
Week 02 General View on Material Families, Manufacturing Processes
Week 03 Plastics and Solid Manufacturing
Week 04 Metals and Flat Manufacturing
Week 05 Wood and Hollow Manufacturing
Week 06 Ceramics & Glass and Material Experience
Week 07 Textiles, Smart Materials, Bio-Materials and Finishing & Joining

Week 08 Midterms
Week 09 Project Ideation
Week 10 Project Evaluation
Week 11 Project Critique
Week 12 Project Critique
Week 13 Presentation Critique
Week 14 Presentation Critique

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Changes may apply during the semester